Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thinking Spring

Here are two spring/summer dresses that I am planning to make at the moment.  They will both have pockets because dresses with pockets are my favorite.

I want to make the ruffle-sleeve version shown in yellow on the envelope (on the left) out of this floral poly charmeuse.  I imagine wearing it with the heels I have in both blue & red (yes, I buy the same shoes in multiple colors and yes, I live in fear that one day I will go out wearing one of each color like Helena Bonham Carter...). I might make a game day decision to first try the pattern in some white peachskin with blue brushstrokes on it that I have because I am a bit afraid that the charmeuse will be too delicate for an everyday dress...
Future dress #1

 I also want to make Colette's Crepe dress out of this graphic linen with a solid navy sash & underlined in white cotton batiste. The print seems very '90s to me (Tommy Hilfiger?) and hopefully its boldness will keep the dress from looking too twee (or worse--cute!). Of course there is also the possibility that the bold print will be entirely too large on my shorty mcshortypants self but I like living on the edge. Besides, I've never had a wrap dress that wraps in the back so this will be pretty exciting even if the print is all wrong on me. :)   

Future dress #2

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