Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sophie Shrug

I have been working on several projects all week (cutting, basting, etc) but I haven't actually finished anything. This morning, in search of some instant gratification, I decided to whip up this rayon knit shrug using 2 yards of a rayon blend jersey from and this free pattern download for Hot Patterns' Cozy-Cascade Shrug. The last giraffe I saw was a Sophie Giraffe baby toy so that's where the name came from!
Front on Delphine

Knotted?  Eh, probably not.   

Bella "helping" me by being a pattern weight
I'm pretty "meh" about this. It was super easy to make and I would highly recommend the pattern but it's just not my usual style (both the print and the shape). I think at the very least it'll end up as a bathing suit cover-up, but first I'll try wearing it belted over a cami with some dark skinny jeans...  

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