Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Fabric!

I know it's nearly Presidents' Day but that has absolutely nothing to do with my recent red, white, and blue order from Denver Fabrics. My plan is to create a mix-and-match mini spring wardrobe. I don't usually have a plan so this is some real progress. I totally lucked out because the colors go together exactly the way I imagined they would (which is always tricky when you order online and can't touch and compare the fabrics in person!).
Left to Right:
-Red suiting for a (work appropriate?) mini skirt
-Brown cotton print (with little white geese!) for a blouse
-Navy & tan circle-print crepe for a dress and a simple skirt
-Red & cream rayon knit for a tank top or t-shirt
-Navy & cream pin striped suiting for some pleated shorts (not work appropriate)
-Navy & cream floral rayon knit for a tank top of some sort

Now I just need to get sewing!

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