Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plaid Peggy Skirt

So I know that I need another twirly full-skirted something like I need a pet pony but this one is wool so it is warm and practical! It looks like something Peggy Olson from Mad Men would have worn when she was still a secretary so it might come in handy as a future Halloween costume! I can justify almost anything...

I used BurdaStyle's Linda pattern (though one does not need to use a pattern to make such a simple circle skirt--just some math) and 2 yards of plaid wool lined with iridescent green/orange acetate from Denver Fabrics. I also added horsehair braid to the skirt hem for maximum oomph and twirl-ability.  

Skirt worn with my Poppy blouse

I did okay matching my plaids at the seams
I started this project weeks ago but had to be patient and let gravity do its thing with the bias.

This is what the hemline looked like after hanging for 2 weeks!
After I was satisfied that the bias had stretched itself out, I evened the bottom with the help of my dress form's hem gauge. I also tried adding 1/2" horsehair braid to the hem for the first time using Gertie's excellent tutorial. I'm a fan. It gives the skirt's hem some nice movement without being too stiff or puffy.
Finished hem with 1/2" horsehair braid and green lining

Close-up of the blouse colors perfectly matching the skirt!

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